JSON API for data validation

Validate and standardize addresses and other customer data in 180+ countries, minimizing errors in your database and associated follow-up costs.

Intercept errors before they cause damage

Our API interface enables direct automated integration between your website or company software and Endereco Data Quality Services. Your customers benefit from the comprehensive Endereco services and functions, while your company becomes more efficient through improved processes.

The API checks the address and other data of your customers and suggests corrections if an error is detected. No matter where you integrate the API, our services will help you reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

Endereco provides you and your team with a developer kit that explains how to integrate Endereco services into your system.

Advantages for you and your company

Reduced costs due to fewer guide codes with DHL

Fewer incorrect entries for customer addresses

Clean master data with fewer doubles

Fewer queries by your employees

Less number of Returns by entering the wrong address

Increased conversion rate by expediting the address input

Address checks work deterrent to online con artists

Always current addresses also for renaming of streets

Our services are 100% DSGVO compliant

Standardized telephone numberswith correct assignment to mobile or fixed network

Always correct email addresses - no more miscommunications

And much more ...

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