International address validation for correct customer data

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Postally correct address data is an important success criterion for business processes that run smoothly in the long term. Valid customer data is essential, especially in the classic retail trade and in the eCommerce sector! It is easiest and most cost-effective to check the addresses directly as they are entered and ideally to have them corrected by the customer himself.

What are the advantages of address validation?

An address check or also called address validation is a prerequisite for sustainable customer data management. With verified and, above all, standardized address data, a large number of advantages can be achieved

  • Fast and error-free processing by the shipping service provider
  • Saving of recalculated guide coding costs
  • Savings on return costs for undeliverable items due to address errors
  • Recognition of duplicates in the customer base
  • Saving of manual research and maintenance costs
  • Effective blocking of dubious customer addresses in risk management
  • Address verification acts as a fraud inhibitor
  • Helpful for customers and internal employees

How does the Endereco address validation work?

How our worldwide address validation works

If the input of customer data is completed with or without the input assistant, the address data is cross-checked. If the combination of postcode, city and street does not match, the user receives a suggestion list of valid alternatives and has the opportunity to correct the entry. Typing and spelling errors are automatically corrected.

It is important that the user always has the possibility to override the suggestions if he really wants to enter an unknown address. This way order cancellations are avoided.


There are several ways to integrate the Endereco address validation into your system. We offer you numerous ready-made solutions as plug & play modules.

Of course you can integrate our API directly into your company software or your website.

Incorporation and renaming of roads

Incorporations such as Harburg-Wilhelmsburg in Hamburg, Charlottenburg in Berlin, Wattenscheid in Bochum take place regularly in Germany and worldwide, so addresses of entire towns change and streets have to be renamed to avoid duplication.

Through regular updates of our address data (4 times a year) and the historical allocation option, we recognise the previous address and update the new address automatically. This means that existing customers also always have up-to-date address data, if you wish to use this feature.

Data enrichment and standardization

Address data is broken down into its components and optimized. So you always have an identical spelling of street names, telephone numbers or other address fields. Duplicates and duplicate customers are thus easily recognized and avoided in your systems. This saves you double costs, e.g. by multiple sending of catalogues or newsletters to the same customer.

Address data can be supplemented by city districts and federal states on request. In this way you receive a complete address data record without deterring the user with unnecessary input fields.

Global data coverage

Clean international addresses are a very complex problem because of the many different address formats and postal addresses. At Endereco we take care of solving this problem for you efficiently.

From our list of more than 200 countries, you can find out information about each country. Our data is updated at least quarterly.

Try our address validation live!

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