Updated version 2.1.2 of the Address Management Services Module for Oxid eShop available

At the beginning of April we released the new version of our Oxid module for address validation and corrections. The background is a certification request from Digidesk to make the module 100% compatible with the popular Oxid theme.

This has resulted in several advantages!

  • The module is now 100% compatible with Bootstrap Even the popup now takes over the styling of the theme
  • The sequence of the field checks has been optimized. Now the shop's own field checks are run first. Only then is the address check started. This is how we prevent popup messages from some password managers, if a password has been set automatically via autofill in a form
  • Confirming the address check in popup now automatically leads to saving and sending the page. A further click for the user is no longer necessary.
  • The fields can now be skipped correctly with the tabulator
  • The salutation check now also works correctly in the RoxIVE theme. Salutations that do not match the first name are now also marked correctly here.

Furthermore, we have optimized our framework, which allows the address management services to be integrated quickly and easily into almost any form. As a result, our customers are no longer restricted to Oxid eShops, but can use any system to integrate our services.

This opens up a variety of new areas of application, such as contact forms on websites, returns pages, call center applications, etc.

You can find the downloads of the module at www.endereco.de/downloads


Robert is a freelance e-commerce consultant and project manager since 2002. His expertise includes mobile apps as well as responsive websites for small companies and large corporations. As managing director of Endereco, Robert is responsible for product development and customer contact.

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