Endereco News Overview

Endereco News Overview

  • New free tariff for small retailers


    To support small retailers during the Corona crisis, we have introduced the Free tariff. This means that all shops with up to 250 checks per month can use our service free of charge!

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  • international address validation

    5 tips for the internationalization of your webshop

    09 February 2019

    When internationalizing webshops, there are some tricks of the trade that you should consider when implementing them. We will give you a few tips on how you can record your customers' data in a clean and structured way!

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  • Visit us at the Net & Work 2019

    Frankfurt Airport

    We are exhibiting at the Net & Work 2019 at Frankfurt Airport. The Händlerbund is again organizing the popular Net&Work trade fair for online retailers. Endereco will be there and present the new international address validation for your webshop.

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  • Dreamrobot - address validation now available internationally

    01 January 2019

    Our address validation is now also available internationally in the Dreamrobot merchandise management system. This enables retailers to check parcel labels before printing and have incorrect addresses corrected.

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  • Privacy by Software Design

    DSGVO compliant by Design

    MAY 22ND, 2018.

    Already at the software architecture stage, we attach importance to a clean and data protection compliant alignment of our services. Details can be found in our blog article.

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  • Endereco module for the OXID eShop is certified


    Our OXID eShop module for address validation has been certified by Digidesk. This makes us compatible with one of the most popular themes for the OXID eShop.

    Flow, Azure, ROXIVE, Roxid and Wave.

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New - Free tariff for small online retailers

New free tariff for small traders as support in the Corona crisis

Free use of our services for small online merchants

free address checks for small online retailers during the Corona crisis

From now on we would like to offer all small dealers a little relief during the Corona crisis.
All accounts that generate less than 250 transactions per month, i.e. 250 address checks / input assistance sessions, receive our services free of charge.


  • you avoid unnecessary returns due to incorrect address data,
  • you have to deal with fewer returned packages in shipping, which some already had in their hands
  • Saves time during manual research and customer queries and saves costs for subsequent lead coding. 

Postmen also have to transport fewer items and can therefore deliver more efficiently.

This does not affect our free 30-day test, which you can also use in live mode.

We will send you a statistic about the usage after the free month has expired. If you fall below the limit, the service will remain free of charge for you.

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5 tips that you should consider when you align your webshop internationally

With the alignment of an eCommerce offer to different countries and languages, there are a lot of tasks that an eCommerce manager has to consider.

  • Translate product data and categories into the respective target languages
  • Align SEO marketing internationally
  • Convert shop system to multilingualism
  • Check the module extensions for compatibility
  • Coordinate and optimize shipping and logistics

However, the special features of customer data abroad are often forgotten.

Here are 5 tips on how you should correctly enter addresses for domestic and foreign countries:

  1. Observe mandatory data for different countries

In many countries, addresses have a different address format. In Great Britain, for example, the postal code consists of 2 parts. The first part is the city/region, the second part is the more precise address. For smaller English towns, the county in question is included in the address. 

The situation is similar in the Netherlands. Here opposite houses on different sides of the street have different postal codes.

Give your customers the possibility to store the corresponding data for all countries and label the fields accordingly. Otherwise the data will be entered randomly and various fields will be misused. This often leads to chaos in your merchandise management system.

  • 2. multilingual countries

Many European countries are multilingual. In Belgium, for example, Dutch, French or German is spoken in some areas.

Offer customers the possibility to change the language of the webshop or forms within a country. Although you can query and automate some things via the browser settings, a manual selection and override should still be possible. Google Translate is not active everywhere and may not always be the best way to translate product descriptions. For this we recommend rather professionals, like our colleagues from Eurotext in Würzburg.

3. optimize your registration forms

Customer data is the oil of eCommerce. The better your customer data and the 360-degree view of your users, the more you can respond to them and tailor your offer to their needs.

To do this, you should design the input fields as optimally as possible and perhaps consider using hidden fields to store additional information such as the shop language, user origin or device information (desktop, mobile tablet). As few fields as possible, as many as necessary, is the motto, according to the DSGVO guidelines for data economy. It is therefore worthwhile to plan your marketing activities per country and to compare them with the collected data in advance.

4. enrich data - avoid unnecessary fields

You can often do without input and have the contents of individual fields filled automatically. The federal state, in many countries a mandatory field, and e.g. in the USA necessary for tax calculation, can be quickly read from the address and determined by yourself. The international telephone number area code can also be easily determined from the country selection and entered accordingly. This makes it easier to enter the number and reduces the number of incorrect entries/doublets.

5. normalize data and eliminate duplicates

Address data with different spellings from the same customer are often stored via different channels. Especially in multichannel, or in new German Omnichannel Commerce, via different touchpoints to the customer, this happens very often. This leads to costs for double addressing by mail or e-mail and annoys your customers, who receive everything twice.

An example:

Mr. Müller calls the call center and places an order.

The customer support employee searches for the customer, does not find it, and creates it. Communicating the address over the phone is not so easy, and quickly "-" spaces, or street, str. or street are entered randomly.

The days of a single email address are long gone, and quickly the same customer registers in the webshop, this time with correct spelling and different email.

If he then places an anonymous order in the store, without a customer card and a query in the system, duplicates are already pre-programmed. If the customer could also be sent the invoice by e-mail or asked for the address or telephone number, it might be easier to merge the two.

By means of intelligent business rules and address matching, identical customers could be found and cleverly merged. The more customer addresses a merchant has, the higher the savings potential. A necessary process, especially for multinational companies.

More tips and tools for problem solving are of course available from us. For B2C and B2B dealers.

We exhibit - Net & Work in "The Square" at Frankfurt Airport - 16.02.2019

The Händlerbund is organising a trade fair for online trading on Saturday 16.02 right next to the Frankfurt airport building in "The Square". Endereco presents in the area "shop systems and tools" at booth S39, right near Shopware.

Interested online merchants can experience the endereco address validation live, ask us technical or strategic questions, or try out the plug and play modules on shopware or OXID systems.

We also exclusively offer you the possibility to get a Sneak Peak on our brand new "Worldwide Address Check". This will officially start at the end of Q1 2019.

We look forward to meeting you at the Net & Work 2018! If you would like to reserve a date, please send us a short e-mail with your preferred date.

Each visitor will receive a specially designed Endereco camping mug or a small surprise goodie!

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PS: For all dealers who do not have an online ticket yet, there is the possibility to get the tickets at a discounted price. With the discount code "IchWillZurNW" (pay attention to upper and lower case) you get the ticket for 79,00 € (incl. VAT) instead of 119,00 € (incl. VAT) and save 40,00 Euro (incl. VAT).

Be sure to include us in your trade fair visit!

DSGVO compliant - Secure by Design

The optimization of customer master data is a complex technical and legal field. On the one hand, you want to optimize address data of customers, on the other hand, you must not process any of this data without informing the customer.

We have already achieved this masterpiece by founding a company, and collect as little data as possible and necessary. Here are a few examples to illustrate this using the example of an address check in webshops.
Our solution for checking customer master data in real time is provided as plugins for various shop systems such as OXID eShop, Shopware or WooCommerce.

The architecture of our API, against which our shop plugins work, is designed in such a way that names and address data are never queried at the same time. This allows us to perform a first name and salutation check via Webservice A. However, these cannot be combined with address data. So the First Name Check, as the name already says, is only checked with the first name that was entered, and the salutation is questioned if there is a concrete and clear reason for doing so, and the user is notified of this.

The same applies to the address check via Web Service B. This does nothing more than check the street, postcode and city and determine a correct combination of these values. The names are never transmitted in the same web service call.

This is how our complete web service structure is built.

Transparent billing without data mountains

The data required for billing is also kept to a minimum.

For billing purposes, we only record the time stamp, the type of request and the return value. Example: 2018-05-21-18:59:31 FirstNameCheck-Statuscode-2000 additionally we get the user data for the requests, so we know from which customer these requests come.

If our customers would like to evaluate additional information, they can send an optional token which we store. This token can then be used to carry out further evaluations on the customer's side, but these are not processed or controlled by Endereco.

Our work in advance pays off. You can benefit from our address services, your customer data always remains with you. So everyone is on the safe side.

Dreamrobot address validation now available


Dreamrobot and Endereco start address validation in online merchandise management

We are a little bit proud to have won Dreamrobot as partner for our address management services.

The service is now available to all Dreamrobot customers and can be used directly in the enterprise resource planning.

Behind the scenes, work has been going on since autumn 2016. Now it's done and the address validation is productively available since July 2017.

The address check was integrated by the colleagues at Dreamrobot directly in the generation of shipping documents such as delivery notes and parcel labels. With a small intermediate step, the user now receives feedback on the address quality and can take over address corrections with one click.

The address check has been integrated as an option, so that every user can freely decide at any time during order processing whether or not to check the addresses.

We keep our fingers crossed that the integration is well received by the customers and look forward to the first inquiries!

You can find all details on our DreamRobot page at
Address check for DreamRobot

For all those who do not know Dreamrobot yet, it is worth taking a look at the online merchandise management, which we can only recommend for small and medium multichannel projects.

The connection to many platforms such as Ebay, Amazon or Webshop works perfectly. On the other hand, shippers such as DHL, Hermes or UPS are also integrated quickly and easily.

DreamRobot is organizing the Professionals Day again this year. Last year we took part in exciting lectures and made some contacts. The event took place in a smaller and more personal circle and was not as crowded as at typical eCommerce fairs.

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