Data cleansing - stay on the safe side

We make sure that the data of your existing customers always remains correct.

With Endereco's data cleansing service you can ensure that your customers' data is always up-to-date and correct. This means that your parcels and letters will arrive at exactly the person they are intended for.

Always correct address data thanks to our address validation

Integrated address update checks whether address changes, avoidance or street renaming have occurred recently.

Correct salutation and correctly spelled name ensures more customer confidence

Our name and address databases are constantly updated

How does Endereco data cleansing work?

Data updating and cleansing

After the data has been uploaded, we check every single row for typical input errors, such as abbreviated street names, misspelled city names or mixed-up numbers in the postcode. Our data cleansing automatically corrects any errors found and corrected. For this purpose, we provide your uploaded file with status messages for each area. How exactly this looks like, you can read on our help page:

Data cleansing FAQ

The data cleansing also helps to check the salutation and first names of your customers. We make sure that first name matches salutation and that you always address your customers correctly.

Mass check

Our offer for data cleansing and data maintenance is available to you in the form of mass checks. All you have to do is to export the data to be cleansed into a CSV file and upload it to us for verification.

Of course we have prepared a little tutorial for you. It shows you all steps from file structure to result evaluation.

Help on data cleansing


There are several ways to integrate Endereco data cleansing. As a mass check or individual check via direct upload or as ready-made solutions in the form of plug & play modules for the input mask of your registration form.

Of course you can use our API to integrate the service directly into your company software or within your website.

Try our data cleansing!

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Knowledge and download area

Here you can find information about our product world as well as all available Plug & Play modules and API.

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