Address check for DreamRobot

We provide correct delivery addresses - Now also for all DreamRobot customers

With DreamRobot - the eCommerce-WaWi - you successfully master your multichannel trade.

With Endereco - the cloud solution for automated address checks and corrections - you can now send your goods to the correct postal addresses.

These are the advantages for your business

Less returnsn by wrong address labels

Correct address data in your system

No charges with subsequent leading coding by DHL

Less time waste on address clarifications and customer queries

More timet for the really important things in Business

No chance for typos and mistakes, on Mobile Devices right now.

Your customer data are secure - we store to no time the data of your shop customers - but only report back the correction suggestion

And much more ...

This is how easy you can use the address validation in DreamRobot

Create order

You create your orders as usual in DreamRobot. The delivery address is crucial for the correct shipping of your goods and can be automatically checked and corrected by the Endereco Address Management Service. This ensures that your goods are delivered reliably and without follow-up costs, research effort and repeated delivery attempts.

We check every address entered before saving it

Under the item "Print" you see the function "Continue with address check".If you want to use the address check, select this item. The addresses of all shipping documents to be created will then be sent to Endereco Address Management Services for verification. We compare the address data with the current street data of Deutsche Post and return a status report on the addresses sent.

Apply address corrections

If an address can be clearly corrected, we will show you the correct postal spelling of the address. You can simply adopt the address.

The delivery address of your order will be updated and the change documented in the order history. So you can always refer back to the customer entry in case of doubt.

Print corrected address labels and delivery notes

As soon as you want to print the delivery documents, such as delivery note or delivery label, they are immediately stored with the data you have taken over. A manual address correction is no longer necessary, nor is the paperwork and research work. This is how easy it is to check addresses with Endereco Address Management Services!

Use your newly gained time for the really important things!

Our exclusive prices for DreamRobot, the e.commerce.wawi

Prices per address check - billing unit - net plus usst.

Services / graduated prices, individual calls up to 1.000 tests/month up to 5.000 tests/month up to 10.000 tests/month up to 50.000 tests/month
Address check (DE) 0,05 € 0,04 € 0,03 € 0,02 €
Address check (INT) 0,07 € 0,06 € 0,05 € 0,04 €

Test Endereco Address Management Services 30 days for free!

Register for the 30-day test and request access data.

Connect your DreamRobot account via the Endereco app, which can be found in the DR App Center ("Logistics & Shipping")

Lehn Dich zurück - wir prüfen nun alle Adressen für Dich -  Spare Zeit und Kosten.

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