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The optimization of customer master data is a complex technical and legal field. On the one hand, you want to optimize address data of customers, on the other hand, you must not process any of this data without informing the customer.

We have already achieved this masterpiece by founding a company, and collect as little data as possible and necessary. Here are a few examples to illustrate this using the example of an address check in webshops.
Our solution for checking customer master data in real time is provided as plugins for various shop systems such as OXID eShop, Shopware or WooCommerce.

The architecture of our API, against which our shop plugins work, is designed in such a way that names and address data are never queried at the same time. This allows us to perform a first name and salutation check via Webservice A. However, these cannot be combined with address data. So the First Name Check, as the name already says, is only checked with the first name that was entered, and the salutation is questioned if there is a concrete and clear reason for doing so, and the user is notified of this.

The same applies to the address check via Web Service B. This does nothing more than check the street, postcode and city and determine a correct combination of these values. The names are never transmitted in the same web service call.

This is how our complete web service structure is built.

Transparent billing without data mountains

The data required for billing is also kept to a minimum.

For billing purposes, we only record the time stamp, the type of request and the return value. Example: 2018-05-21-18:59:31 FirstNameCheck-Statuscode-2000 additionally we get the user data for the requests, so we know from which customer these requests come.

If our customers would like to evaluate additional information, they can send an optional token which we store. This token can then be used to carry out further evaluations on the customer's side, but these are not processed or controlled by Endereco.

Our work in advance pays off. You can benefit from our address services, your customer data always remains with you. So everyone is on the safe side.


Robert is a freelance e-commerce consultant and project manager since 2002. His expertise includes mobile apps as well as responsive websites for small companies and large corporations. As managing director of Endereco, Robert is responsible for product development and customer contact.

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