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Endereco Address Management Service Module (AMS)
With DreamRobot - the eCommerce-WaWi

Current release notes:

Version 1.0:

  • international address validation

Functional description

Endereco Address Management Services provide a simple and straightforward way to improve the quality of the address data entered by your customers. Does the combination of POSTCODE, LOCATION and Street not together, you get a Proposal list of valid alternatives and the possibility to change the input to correct.


2.1 Installation of the module

You can find Endereco App in the DR App Centereither via the Search function of the App Center or in the Category Logistics & Shipping“. 

Request access data

3.1 Test access data

The module only works with valid access data, which you can download from our website at // or directly by e-mail to free of charge.

You can then test the module including all services for 30 days without obligation.

3.2 Live access data

For the live access data we need two signed and approved contracts, namely provider contract and data processing contract. You will receive both contracts from us together with your access data.

About the data processing contract: For some services in which we process personal data of the customer or pass them on to third parties via interfaces according to the DSGVO, we need a data processing contract.

Please send both signed contracts to or by fax to: 0931 6639839-9 or by mail to us.
We need a release from the German Post, which can take about 2-3 days.

Endereco UG (limited liability)
Robert Rieser
Balthasar-Neumann-Str. 4b,
97236 Edge bag

3.3 Entering the access data

  • Install Endereco App first
  • Select settings
  • Enter API key
  • Save entry

This is how you can use the address validation in DreamRobot

4.1 Creating an order

You create your orders as usual in DreamRobot. The delivery address is crucial for the correct shipping of your goods and can be automatically checked and corrected by the Endereco Address Management Service. This ensures that your goods are delivered reliably and without follow-up costs, research effort and repeated delivery attempts.

4.2 We check every address entered before saving it

Under the item "Print" you see the function "Continue with address check„. If you want to use address verification, select this item. The addresses of all shipping documents to be created will then be sent to Endereco Address Management Services for verification. We compare the address data with the current street data of Deutsche Post and return a status report on the addresses sent.

4.3 Applying address corrections

If an address can be clearly corrected, we will show you the correct postal spelling of the address. You can simply adopt the address.

The delivery address of your order will be updated and the change documented in the order history. So you can always refer back to the customer entry in case of doubt.

4.4 Printing corrected address labels and delivery notes

As soon as you want to print the delivery documents, such as delivery note or delivery label, they are immediately stored with the data you have taken over. A manual address correction is no longer necessary, nor is the paperwork and research work. This is how easy it is to check addresses with Endereco Address Management Services!

Use your newly gained time for the really important things!

Functional test 

Now you can take a test exam. Enter an incorrect address for this. After the address check you should get the corrected suggestions back.

Have fun using our module. We are looking forward to your feedback, suggestions and feedback. This is the only way we can optimize our services for you!

If you have any questions we will be happy to help you!
Simply send an e-mail to: or Tel: 0931 66 39 839 - 0
Your Endereco Team

Robert Rieser
CEO - Contact person for your inquiries

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