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Endereco Address Management Service Module (AMS)
Die Version 4.4.0 oder höher von Plugin Ceres und Plugin IO werden vorausgesetzt.

Current release notes:

Alle Release Notes findest du im plentyMarketplace

Functional description

Endereco Address Management Services provide a simple and straightforward way to improve the quality of the address data entered by your customers. To this end, a two-step process is integrated into the address forms to ensure that data is captured correctly on virtually all input devices.

Level 1

a) Input Assistant - Input help

Suggestions for entered address fragments are displayed in an autocomplete function of street, postcode and city. This works on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Address entry is simplified, accelerated and the error rate is massively reduced.

b) First name check - Does the form of address match the first name?

The Endereco first name database with over 30,000 entries can recognise gender-specific first names and marks the corresponding salutation field of your webshop. Ambiguous or unknown names are ignored. Upper and lower case is automatically corrected.

c) E-mail verification

An entered e-mail address is checked for various characteristics in real time:

  • Valid syntax of the e-mail address
  • Valid country domain
  • Is the mailbox full or deliverable?
  • If it is a one-way address or SPAM e-mail address
d) Telephone numbers Standardisation

Different ways of writing telephone numbers are very common. Endereco tidies up and gives telephone numbers a uniform, standardised spelling. In addition, Endereco distinguishes between mobile numbers and landline numbers and can include this feature if desired. Invalid prefixes are recognized and marked

Level 2

a) AddressCheck

The address check validates entered fields for validity in the overall context. Valid correction proposals are automatically offered for entries that are not plausible. The customer can choose between his entry and one of the correction codes.


2.1 Installation of the module

Endereco Plugin ist über plentyMarketplace verfügbar. Um Plugin in deinem System zu installieren, sollst du folgendes machen:

  1. Öffne das Menü Plugins » plentyMarketplace.
    → Der Marktplatz wird in einem neuen Tab geöffnet.
    Oder: Melde dich direkt auf plentyMarketplace  mit deinen Zugangsdaten aus dem Mein Konto-Bereich an.

  2.  Suche nach dem Endereco Plugin

  3. Klicke in der Detailansicht des Plugins auf Plugin kaufen (Zur Kasse).
    → Das Fenster Kasse wird geöffnet.

  4. Nimm die Nutzungsbedingungen zur Kenntnis.

  5. Click on Jetzt kaufen.
    → Nach einigen Minuten kannst du das Plugin in einem Plugin-Set installieren.

Weitere Informationen zur Installation des Plugin in plentymarkets System findest du hier: Handbuch plentymarkets

2.2 Update of the module

Endereco Plugin kannst du bequem über den Backend deines plentymarkets Shops aktualisieren. wenn ein Update für den Endereco Plugin verfügbar ist, wird n der Spalte Aktionen die Schaltfläche Aktualisieren farbig markiert.

Beim Klicken auf Aktualisieren, wird neue version des Plugin in deinem System installiert.

2.3 Aktivieren des Moduls im Admin Backend

  • Log in to the backend
  • Zustand des Plugins zu aktiv ändern
  • Plugin live schalten.

Request access data

3.1 Test access data

Der Plugin funktioniert nur mit gültigen Zugangsdaten.Diese können Sie auf unsere Webseite unter // or directly by e-mail to free of charge.

You can then test the module including all services for 30 days without obligation.

3.2 Live access data

For the live access data we need two signed and approved contracts, namely provider contract and data processing contract. You will find both contracts in your installation package. Of course we will gladly send you the contracts again by e-mail.

About the data processing contract: For some services in which we process personal data of the customer or pass them on to third parties via interfaces according to the DSGVO, we need a data processing contract. For example, when it comes to an e-mail deliverability check or telephone number standardization. You will also find this in the installation package.

Please send both signed contracts to or by fax to: 0931 6639839-9 or by mail to us.
We need a release from the German Post, which can take about 2-3 days.

Endereco UG (limited liability)
Robert Rieser
Balthasar-Neumann-Str. 4b,
97236 Edge bag

3.3 Entering the access data

  • Im Shop Backend auf Endereco Address Autocomplete klicken
  • Select settings
  • Enter API key
  • Save entries

Configuration of the module 

4.1 Einstellungen

Sie haben die Möglichkeit Auftragstatus und Auftragsnotizen zu erfassen und im Auftrag herauszugeben.

Functional test 

Now, after selecting the country "Germany" and entering a postcode, you should receive suitable suggestions for the city. Suggestions should also appear when you enter the street.

Have fun using our module. We are looking forward to your feedback, suggestions and feedback. This is the only way we can optimize our services for you!

If you have any questions we will be happy to help you!
Simply send an e-mail to: or Tel: 0931 66 39 839 - 0
Your Endereco Team

Robert Rieser
CEO - Contact person for your inquiries

You still have questions or would like to discuss special requirements?

You can arrange a free meeting with our experts!

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