Internationale Adressprüfung in Echtzeit für Plentymarkets

Du möchtest für deine Kunden den Bestellprozess vereinfachen, und fehlerfreie Adressdaten in einen Bestellungen erhalten? Ein Eingabe Assistent der die Adressen vervollständigt und ein Adresscheck- der deine Kunden auf Adressfehler hinweist und Korrekturvorschläge gibt? Alles in Echtzeit?
Wir können das!

Undeliverable deliveries, waiting customers and lost shipments - the worm is quickly inside logistics and customer communication due to a spelling mistake in the address. In addition, there is the time spent on research, the costs of returns and the lead coding. But you can easily avoid such problems during the ordering process and ask the customer directly to select the correct address in case of a spelling mistake! Fast, simple and fully automated.

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Which advantages do you have as a shop operator?

Fewer incorrect entries for customer addresses

Increased conversion rate by expediting the address input

Reduced costs due to fewer guide codes with DHL

Fewer queries by your employees

Less number of Returns by entering the wrong address

Address checks work deterrent to online con artists

Current addresses also for incorporations and the associated renaming of streets

Your customer data are secure - we store to no time the data of your shop customers - but only report back the correction suggestion

And much more ...

  • Install module and request API key

  • Offer postcode and city completion in your Ceres Shop

  • Get auto-complete for street names

  • Correct incorrect addresses immediately

    What can our module do for plentymarkets?

    • Input Assistant

      Unser Eingabe-Assistent unterstützt die Adresseingabe durch automatisch angezeigte Vorschlagslisten. Damit können Deine Kunden Adressen fehlerfrei und schnell eingeben, und das weltweit! Auf Smartphones, Tablets oder PCs!

    • Address verification and validation

      Our "Endereco Addresscheck" corrects the addresses entered and suggests the correct spelling. Your customers can choose between suitable suggestions and thus register faster in your shop! This way you always have correct customer data that has been checked by post.

    Prices for our Plentymarkets Plug & Play Module

    Services / graduated prices, success based up to 250 exams/month up to 1.000 tests/month up to 5.000 tests/month up to 10.000 tests/month up to 50.000 tests/month
    Address check + input assistant (DE / INT) free of charge 0,10 € 0,09 € 0,08 € 0,07 €

    Prices per billing unit - net plus usage (Status May.2020)

    So you can start right away!

    • 2. request API key

      Contact us under or fill out our form. In a few minutes we will send you the access data by e-mail. Write us which functions and countries we should activate for you.

    • 3. free testing

      Nach der Installation kannst du einfach den API Schlüssel im Modul hinterlegen. Konfiguriere das Endereco Modul nach deinen Wünschen! Du hast 30 Tage Zeit alle Funktionen kostenfrei zu testen. Im Live Betrieb!

    • 4. view statistics and decide

      Nach 30 Tagen erhältst du zum Monatsende deine Probeabrechnung und Statistik. Auf der Basis kannst du einfach entscheiden, ob du unser Service dir weiterhilft.

      Du kannst unsere Services ohne Vertragslaufzeit und Mindestumsatz nutzen, solange du möchtest. Willkommen an Board!

    Robert Rieser
    CEO - Contact person for your inquiries

    You still have questions or would like to discuss special requirements?

    You can arrange a free meeting with our experts!

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