Always find the right form of address

We take care that your customers are addressed correctly and check whether first name and salutation match.

Does the first name entered match the form of address chosen? The first name and salutation check compares the first name with a database of over 30,000 international name entries. This way we can easily determine the gender and, if necessary, inform your users or correct the salutation ourselves.
Once a name is ambiguous, we simply do not suggest a correction.

A personal and correct approach to your customers increases trust and strengthens customer loyalty

By choosing the correct gender, you can better divide your customer group and focus your marketing efforts

New first names are constantly updated and added to our database.

How does the salutation and first name check work?

Name analysis and spelling

We match every first name entered with a database of over 30,000 international first names. If the names are lower case, we automatically correct the first letter (For example, "anton" becomes "anton."). If first names are clearly assigned to one gender, we can display a note when choosing the salutation if the chosen salutation is incorrect or not set. Alternatively, we can set the correct salutation.

Identification of the sex

Our first name check analyzes and identifies the appropriate gender for each given first name. It is possible to enter a gender code for each first name, i.e. "M", "F" or "N". Clearly male or female first names are given "M" or "F" respectively. If the first name can belong to both genders, the code "N" is assigned.


There are several ways to integrate Endereco's first names and salutation checks. We offer you numerous ready-made solutions as plug & play modules.

Of course you can use our API to integrate the service directly into your company software or within your website.

Try our personal data check live!

We have set up an OXID demo shop for you. There you can easily try out all our services.

Knowledge and download area

Here you will find information about our product world as well as all available Plug & Play modules and Api.

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