Check telephone number for validity

We check every telephone number by means of the area code, recognize whether it is a fixed network or mobile phone number and standardize the spelling of the number in a desired standard format

The telephone number is becoming an increasingly important contact channel alongside the e-mail address. In China, the mobile phone number has long since replaced e-mail as the standard contact method, and many transactions are carried out via WeChat, AliPay and other social messengers.

Advantages of caller identification and caller identification

Data hygiene in your system - A default spelling for all numbers makes it easier to search and sort

Differentiation between fixed-link and mobile telephone numbers for optimized contact via various marketing channels

The detection of incorrect or invalid phone numbers saves time and costs during manual research

How does Endereco's caller ID check work?

The Endereco test methods are used to break down and analyse each transmitted telephone number into its constituent parts.

Network detection

By means of the area code we can determine whether it is a landline or mobile phone number. So you can easily decide where and if you can reach the customer by SMS message or call. If you wish, we can give you the area code of the landline number under which it is registered.

Standardization of the telephone number

A phone number should always be stored in a standardized format to improve the quality in your systems and to make the number traceable. There are different formats in which you can save the phone numbers. We offer you the possibility to choose the desired standard format yourself and convert every phone number entered by the user automatically into this target format.

Validity of the telephone number

Soon we will also be able to tell you whether the number you entered is officially registered and reachable. We can do this by checking the number via the Signaling System 7 ( SS7 network), with which fixed network providers, mobile phone and VoIP providers work together and exchange information via various protocols and standards.

The phone number to be checked is not called or contacted.


There are several ways to integrate the Endereco address validation into your system. We offer you numerous ready-made solutions as plug & play modules.

Of course you can integrate our API directly into your company software or website.

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