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Portuguese spoken "Enderesso"
 just stands for "address"

We are your experts for checking, correcting and optimizing your customer master data

What moves us

In our mobile commerce agency "mobilemojo" we regularly had to deal with the problem that customer data was entered incorrectly on smartphones and tablets. 

We optimized forms, built apps, enlarged fields, but the addresses were not really error-free. Customers are on the move with their smartphones, typing on the subway, train and office, sitting or standing. A real challenge!

So we had to optimize data entry and with Endereco we developed a product that can be quickly and easily integrated into any shop system, app or application.

Due to the great demand from online merchants for a solution for webshops, we as OXID Agency started with a plug&play module for the OXID eShop, and with great success! Over time, more and more platforms and functions were and are added quickly.


Start of the offer with the input assistant and address check for German addresses for the OXID eShop

Integration in Mobile Shopping Apps for OXID eSales. Introduction of first name check and success-based billing per customer registration.

Connection to the Dreamrobot merchandise management.

- The address check with input assistant is now possible internationally.
- Now also e-mail addresses can be checked for deliverability
- In addition to OXID 6, address validation is now also available for Shopware 5, Magento 2 and the Plenty Markets Webshop
- Via our new JSON interface we are now ready for a variety of new platforms and modern integrations


Our pipeline is full of ideas for new approaches for even more diverse ways to validate and optimize customer master data!

Products and projects

Whether you want to use a finished product or have ideas for your own project to realize YOUR solution. We are open for exchange and can realize individual solutions and special adaptations with our project team.

The team and our partners

Every day our team works with passion to make Endereco Services even better.

We rely on long-term and trustworthy cooperation with proven and reliable companies.

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Robert Rieser
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