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According to a study, approximately 87% of all companies deal with incorrect customer master data on a daily basis*.

We'll address this problem with innovative answers and correct incorrect customer data before it is stored in your system and generates high follow-up costs.

Our services in detail

We support you with a variety of microservices. Through these you can improve the quality of your customer data. Our tools enable you to identify incorrectly written or incorrectly imported customer data, to display suggestions for correction or to correct them automatically. 

Address completion

Simplify address entry for your customers and employees

Address verification

correct postal addresses nationwide and internationally

E-mail check

Validate the e-mail addresses for syntax and deliverability

Salutation and first name check

see if first name and salutation of your customers match

Bank data check

Verify IBAN and BIC and ensure correct bank details

Telephone number standardization

Give all phone numbers a uniform spelling
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