Address validation & correction in real time

Webshops, merchandise management and CRM

Our service supports your team and your customers in the error-free collection of customer data. Incorrect master data and associated follow-up costs are avoided before they even occur. You save money through less expensive barcodes or less effort for returns and manual rework.

What advantages do you have as a dealer?

With us, you take the quality of your customer master data in web shops, stationary retail, merchandise management, CRM and marketing to the next level - almost fully automatically - without manual corrections.

Fewer incorrect entries for customer addresses

Increased conversion rate by expediting the address input

Cost savings through less codings with DHL

Reduced personnel expenses through less queries to your customers

Less number of Returns by entering the wrong address

Standardized master data with fewer doubles for the complete customer communication

Address checks work deterrent to online con artists

Current addresses also for incorporations and the associated renaming of streets

Your customer data are secure - we store to no time personal data of your customers

Valid and standardized telephone numbersensure better accessibility for your customers. We also assign mobile and fixed network numbers.

With validated email addresses there will be no more miscommunication with your customers

Less downtime in yours Logistics. The label creation no longer stops due to invalid addresses.


Our services at a glance

Address verification

The address check validates the complete address, verifies the spelling and adds any missing data. If the address is not unique, correct alternative suggestions are displayed.

For many countries, the addresses are guide-codable as with DHL in Germany, i.e. subsequent guide-coding by DHL, which is subject to a charge, is not necessary.

address check

Input assistant for addresses

Typing errors, which occur particularly often on smartphones and tablets, can be reduced simply and effectively by suggesting addresses when entering them. Your users receive these after entering the first few digits and can easily choose from the correctly spelled suggestions. This works nationwide and internationally for almost all countries.

entry wizard for addresses

E-mail check

The e-mail validation validates e-mail addresses according to various criteria:

  • Format
  • valid country domain
  • Availability of the e-mail server
  • Validity of the e-mail address
  • E-mail account feedback (full, blocked, outdated.)

This way, your customers can be informed as soon as they enter the email that there is a spelling mistake, or the email may not be delivered because the roof of the post office is full.

e-mail check

Salutation and first name check

We match every first name entered with a database of over 30,000 first names. If first names are uniquely assigned to one gender, we can display a note when choosing the salutation if the chosen salutation is incorrect.

first name check

Telephone number check

The phone number formatting recognizes area codes in Germany and standardizes them according to a predefined standard. This can be freely defined by you. This works for German landline numbers as well as for mobile numbers.

telephone numbers standardisation

Bank data check

For valid bank data we offer the following checks for German bank accounts.

  • IBAN validation for validity of the check digit and based on the check rules
  • Conversion of IBAN <-> account number + bank code
  • Bank name search
  • Determination of the BIC and the bank name from the IBAN or BLZ

Simple connection through Plug & Play modules or API

Our services can be quickly and easily integrated for various shop systems via our plug & play modules.
Merchandise management and CRM system can be easily connected via our API.

  • The source code is open source and usually unencrypted
  • All modules can be used free of charge
  • We offer you and your developers extensive integration support.
  • If you wish, we will also be happy to implement the connection for you via our partner agencies

Choose your platform:

OXID eShop

With the Endereco Plug & Play module for the OXID eShop you can use all services for the current OXID eShop versions CE, PE and EE in version 4, 5 and 6.


The endereco Plug & Play module for Shopware 5 offers you all services as well as an existing customer check and storage of the check results in the shop database


Verify international addresses in your Magento 2 shop with the Plug & Play module, developed by 4C Media. This reduces the number of incorrect addresses and speeds up the input process.


With the from Alfred Schmidt IT Services developed plug & play module for the Plentymarkets Shop, your customers can easily and accurately enter German addresses and have them checked with the address check. 


Always send your products to a correct postal address. With Endereco you can check your international delivery addresses when printing the shipping label.


Our JSON API allows you to connect address validation and all other Endereco services to your systems. No matter if webshop, merchandise management, CRM or directly in lead generation, e.g. at the point of sale.

That's why Endereco!

DSGVO compliant and legally compliant - by design

Customer data and customer relations are the core of every business process. Therefore, the security of your data is guaranteed at Endereco. We do not store addresses and other data of your customers at any time, and we never combine address data and names. For billing purposes we only store the time stamp of the request and the result of the check. Security by Design.

100% Made in Germany

Our software is designed and developed by a small but very fine team of developers in Würzburg.
Our servers are hosted in Germany and communication always takes place via server to server queries. So you don't have to have any privacy concerns.

Many years of expertise in eCommerce

Our team has many years of experience in consulting, optimization and operation of small and large eCommerce providers in Germany. This expertise flows directly into our offer! From professionals, for professionals!

Fast and reliable

Our high-speed server and software architecture guarantees an extremely high-performance integration with fast response times and high reliability. All modules have been developed in such a way that even in the event of a server failure, the shops continue to function perfectly.

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