Address validation & address correction in real time for webshop - Enterprise resource planning and CRM

Our service supports your team and your customers at the error-free entry of customer data in real time. e.g. in registration and application forms of webshops, at the customer & supplier plant in Enterprise resource planning, and directly at point of sale.

This prevents incorrect master data and the associated follow-up costsbefore they even arise.

The relieves your employees in sales and logistics, and saves cash money through less expensive barcodes or low expenditure for returns and manual reworking.

Our services in detail

Address verification

The address check validates the complete address, verifies the spelling and adds any missing data. If the address is not unique, correct alternative suggestions are displayed.

For many countries, the addresses are guide-codable as with DHL in Germany, i.e. subsequent guide-coding by DHL, which is subject to a charge, is not necessary.

address check

Input assistant for addresses

Typing errors, which occur particularly often on smartphones and tablets, can be reduced simply and effectively by suggesting addresses when entering them. Your users receive these after entering the first few digits and can easily choose from the correctly spelled suggestions. This works nationwide and internationally for almost all countries.

entry wizard for addresses

E-mail check

The e-mail validation validates e-mail addresses according to various criteria:

  • Format
  • valid country domain
  • Availability of the e-mail server
  • Validity of the e-mail address
  • E-mail account feedback (full, blocked, outdated.)

This way, your customers can be informed as soon as they enter the email that there is a spelling mistake, or the email may not be delivered because the roof of the post office is full.

e-mail check

Salutation and first name check

We match every first name entered with a database of over 30,000 first names. If first names are uniquely assigned to one gender, we can display a note when choosing the salutation if the chosen salutation is incorrect.

first name check

Telephone number standardization

The phone number formatting recognizes area codes in Germany and standardizes them according to a predefined standard. This can be freely defined by you. This works for German landline numbers as well as for mobile numbers.

telephone numbers standardisation

Bank data check

For valid bank data we offer the following checks for German bank accounts.

  • IBAN validation for validity of the check digit and based on the check rules
  • Conversion of IBAN <-> account number + bank code
  • Bank name search
  • Determination of the BIC and the bank name from the IBAN or BLZ

Autofill blocker for addresses

Often strange and unwanted address fragments come into delivery or billing addresses due to the autofill function of individual web browsers. With our modules we deliver a blocker for the address fields, which prevents the often faulty automatic filling of the important address fields. Thanks to the entry wizards, the entry is still very easy and just as fast.

DSGVO compliant and legally compliant - by design

Customer data and customer relations are the core of every business process. Therefore, the security of your data is guaranteed at Endereco. We do not store addresses and other data of your customers at any time, and we never combine address data and names. For billing purposes we only store the time stamp of the request and the result of the check. Security by Design.

Our servers are hosted in Germany and communication always takes place via server to server queries. So you don't have to have any privacy concerns.

100% Made in Gernany

Our software is designed and developed by a small but very fine team of developers in Würzburg. Our many years of experience from various eCommerce and mobile commerce projects are constantly flowing into the product development.

Fast and reliable

Our high-speed server and software architecture guarantees an extremely high-performance integration with fast response times and high reliability. All modules were developed in such a way that even in the event of a server failure, the shops continue to function without problems.

Fast connection to your systems

All our services can be integrated quickly and easily into any shop system, merchandise management or CRM system via our API or our plug & play modules.

  • Shopware Logo

    Shopware Module

    Our Shopware module can be used in Shopware 5 installations. The Plug & Play module is open source and can be individually adapted to your shop. A Shopware 6 module is already in planning

  • Oxide eShop

    OXID Module

    You use the OXID eShop in version 4CE PE or 5 EE or The new OXID 6 with an Azure, Flow, Wave or 3rd party Themes like RoxIVE or Roxid? Then you can use our Plug and Play module and start in just a few minutes. The module is available for free and can be customized to your shop thanks to the open source code.

  • PlentyMarkets

    PlentyMarkets Module

    Plentymarkets Customers can enjoy our services address entry wizard and address by downloading the plugin over the Plentymarkets Marketplace

  • Magento 2

    Magento 2 Module

    Our Magento module provides you with our address validation for all Magento 2 shops, is open source is available for download on GitHub and in the Magento Extension Marketplace

  • Dreambot

    DreamRobot ERP software

    The integration into the DreamRobot enterprise resource planning is immediately available. Only access data are to be deposited and off you go!

  • API solution

    Inidivual software

    You have developed your own project or are using an individual system? Via our JSON RPC-API you can easily connect our web services to your CRM, ERP or your Android or iOS app.

    We also offer a PHP based SDK, which allows you to quickly and easily do the integration within 1 to 2 developer days.

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