Always correct customer data in your shopware shop!

Our Shopware module validates and corrects the master data of your customers in real time. Thus you always receive checked and correct customer data, fully automatically.

You run your own shopware shop, but you want to reduce annoyance caused by incorrect customer data and thus possible problems like returns and manual address research? Then our Shopware module for address verification and validation is just the right thing for your company!

Our Plug & Play solution was developed especially for shopware. This means that your customers' data is standardised and checked while they are being entered.

Our automatic completion and validation in the background makes the registration and ordering process easier even on the smartphone, thus increasing your conversion!

7 reasons, use our module in your Shopware-Shop

Fewer incorrect entries of the customer addresses by the automatic address correction

Less number of Returns due to wrong address input

Reduced costs through less expensive leading codes with DHL

Clean master data eliminate your doubles for a 360 degree view of your customers

Through validated email addresses there will be no more miscommunication with your customers

Increased conversion rate by expediting the address input

Address checks work Deterrent to online fraudsters

And much more ...

    What can our Endereco plugin do for shopware?

    • Input Assistant

      Our Input Assistant supports the address input by automatically displayed suggestion lists. This allows your customers to enter addresses quickly and without errors - worldwide! On Smartphones, Tablets or PCs!

    • Address verification

      Our Endereco address check corrects the addresses entered and suggests the correct spelling. Your customers can choose between suitable suggestions and thus register faster in your shop! And you always have postal checked and correct customer data.

    • Salutation check

      Does the first name fit the form of address? If the wrong gender is clearly selected, we will inform the user. To do this, Endereco compares the first name entered with a database of over 30,000 entries. This database contains clear relationships between name and gender.

    • E-mail verification

      With the e-mail check we check every e-mail address for syntax errors and verify that the mailbox can be delivered. With this service we avoid typing errors and the following problems in the communication to your customers.

    • Telephone number: Standardization and area code check

      Different ways of writing telephone numbers are very common. We clean up and give telephone numbers a uniform, standardized spelling. In addition, we differentiate between mobile numbers and landline numbers, and if desired, we can include this feature. This way every phone number ends up in the appropriate field.

    Prices for our Shopware Plug & Play module

    Prices for each successfully completed customer registration or master data change as billing unit - Prices net plus use (status May 2020)

    Services / graduated prices, success based up to 250 exams/month up to 1.000 tests/month up to 5.000 tests/month up to 10.000 tests/month up to 50.000 tests/month
    Address check + input assistant (DE / INT) free of charge 0,10 € 0,09 € 0,08 € 0,07 €
    Addressprüfung Bestandskunden free of charge 0,05 € 0,05 € 0,04 € 0,04 €
    E-mail check (DE / INT) free of charge 0,02 € 0,02 € 0,01 € 0,01 €
    Salutation test (DE / INT) free of charge 0,02 € 0,02 € 0,01 € 0,01 €
    Preselection standardization (DE) free of charge 0,01 € 0,01 € 0,01 € 0,01 €

    Try out all Endereco services in our Shopware demo shop

    We have set up a Shopware demo shop for you and installed our address module. So you can try out all functions immediately and test them with a few addresses!

    So you can start right away!

    • Download 1st module

      Download the Endereco module for your shopware shop for free. It is available as an open GitHub repository. Need help? Just ask us!

    • 2. request API key

      Contact us under or fill out our form. In a few minutes we will send you the access data by e-mail. Write us which functions and countries we should activate for you.

    • 3. free testing

      After the installation you can simply store the API key in the module backend. Configure the Endereco module according to your needs! You have 30 days to test all functions.

    • 4. view statistics and decide

      After 30 days you will receive your trial invoice and statistics at the end of the month. On this basis you can easily decide whether you want to continue. You can use our services as long as you want without a contract period or minimum turnover. Welcome on board!

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    CEO - Contact person for your inquiries

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